Monday, May 5, 2014

Download XOXO H3ntai

This is a weird Japanese DOS game release. You play the game most commonly known as tic-tac-toe and you get to play against an invisible computer opponent (presumably the girl). The game feels very B-Grade and it feels as though it was made as a college campus or university experiment or something. Yet it is very real. It is kind of ironic they use a game that I used to play as a kid in the park, to undress manga hentai Japanese babes. Being a Japanese game the girls start off quite cute and innocent looking, and then as you win several rounds you get to unlock pictures of them undressing.
A pretty slow game, but I will still give it a point in the review for having some nice looking pictures. This is definitely a game for the mature audiences and adult game genre. Once again being a Japanese H-game I can assure you it doesn't have any weird scenes that are over the top and could be considered soft-core. I am not sure the software company or who programmed it, or even if it was made and sold for commercial purposes. I am not even sure where in the world it was meant to be released, it may have been a late 90's download joke game, before the days of the iphone app craze. The game reminds me of X-Tetris in that aspect, which is worth checking out as it is actually funny and enjoyable.
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